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Is it deer-hunting season Again?????

For a horse that *everyone* told me to not try & ride, there wasn't a thing Snip wouldn't do for me.......well, except know how to ride this "new greenhorn" into the arena's corner once in a while.
There'd been a bond made unbreakable that day he came 'round - Snip would follow me everywhere - and anywhere......into things I could tell even scared him a bit. But he'd stand staunch, looking into my eyes; and not move an inch. It seemed as long as I was there, everything was safe & OK.

My camera-bug - always his

favorite "pose".



Snip & I learned new worlds together. For the first time in 8 years, he saw things outside his pastures when we rode; and took them all in with the curiousity of a newborn child. From him, I learned to ride; and learned the strength of an animal's love that was so very much bigger than me.

Worlock & Snip today


And today, 4+ yrs. later, nothing has changed. Snip's big eyes look deep into mine with an intelligence I have yet to know in another horse. His coat, always soft like velvet; and his ways just the same. He takes on new challenges like he's been doing them all his life. He's stood gardian to young Gem, standing over him & teaching him like a father with a firm, gentle hand would. He's a rock of rock of Gibralter. (Thank you Gary)

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