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• • • Morning's Star Snippet • • •

And this is my Snip ~ ~ ~


Mark with Snip
(somebody had to be the camera....

First discovered on an old no-longer functioning NorthCentral Wisconsin farm, Snip was "just a big black beautiful horse" to his 80+ yr. old lady owner; who'd bought him from a local sales barn 8 yrs. prior to our meeting.........

Snip's favorite thing

horse apple treats!




Snip had been used to a "solo" life out in the pasture with his Palomino buddy, George, for most of his 6 yrs. of life at that farm. Of the 5 horses there, he was the last to come around, even to carrots. He was independent, and very secure with himself. I almost gave up........
Then one day; the last day of my trying with him - I gave *him* the choice......friend, or no friend? Slowly, he moved closer to me. I closed my eyes as I felt his soft warm breath "smelling" my face. Even now, the thrill I felt then still sends shivers down my spine.
It was done - the rest is history.......I had one of the softest, gentlest, most intelligent friends for life.

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