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Lippitt Miss NeKomia with her foal, Dyberry Ethan

As if 6 is a magic number, Gem goes back to Dyberry Ethan 6 times in his sixth generation - 3 on his sire's, 3 on his dam's.

And an adult Dyberry Ethan

In his 6th generation, dam's bottom side:

High Pastures Sharon

Bottom of his dam's side, 5th generation:

Tall Oaks Adonna Mae


We are still in search of some photos from Gem's earlier generation. Those wanted include; Moro Hill's Michele; Patoka Teddy; Tall Oaks Joy; Moro Hill's Major; Lippitt Royal Margarita; Moro Hill's Alrita; Moro Hill's Marquis; Rohan Lassie Moro; Moro Hill's Magician; Lippitt Rob Roy; Alrita; Lippitt Norman; Moro Hill's Emelyn; and Lippitt Rita Roy.

Gem's lineage continues into the Sandgate line as well. 'Tho information is yet limited & we still delve for things on this half of his life, what we've found so far; and a list of some of the earlier generation photos still needed; can be seen at our Sandgate Lineage Page

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