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The Sandgate Lineage Story
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The Sandgate Lineage Story

......The Past
as told in October of 2000

Royalton Bobbet, foaled in 1966, was a 1/2 Lippitt (Royalton Bob Woodstock X Broadwall Betsy Lynn). She produced - Sandgate: Rockette ('70), Samson ('72) & Starlet ('74); all by Royalton Comet {Royalton Ashbrook Darling Royalton EdEllen}. R. Bobbet then produced Sandgate: General Alert ('77) & Sam Alert ('83) by Lippitt Alert {Lippitt Moro Alert Lippitt Nancy Moro}. None of these horses produced any offspring.

Lippitt Alert ~


Royalton Morita {Royalton Bob Woodstock Royalton Melissa} was a full Lippitt foaled in 1966. She had 3 foals by Royalton Comet (see above) - Sandgate: Mona Lisa ('70), no foals; Royal Eldon ('72), four 1/2 Lippitt offspring; & Meteor ('74), no foals. R.Morita then had 2 foals by Stillwater Indigo {Moro Hill's Adonis Natick Moro Independence} - Sandgate Indrita ('76) who had 3 foals: the first, Sandgate Damien by Royalton Comet ('80), (who in turn sired 2 colts out of 2 of Telford's Cantiglen mares - one, a 1/2 lippitt, was gelded & the other, Leeward Mountain Comet ('97) - no foals listed yet).

Royalton Bob Woodstock ~


The second, Sandgate Centurion ('84), who sired 3 half Lippitts & 10 full Lippitts, the full being - Oldtown: Raspberry ('88) and Blackberry ('96) out of Heathermoor Bridget {Tiffin Moro Ashby Becmor's Robin} & Oldtown Rhodes ('89) out of Lanmor Rebeka {Lippitt Rhodes Moreeda Patrice}, all stallions with no progeny on the ground. Then - Blue Spruce: D'Lance ('98) & Elacia Star ('99) out of Masada Moro Lace; Blue Spruce: Del-Star-Rae ('98) & Emerald Gem ('99) out of Blue Spruce Aurora {Moro Hill's Mequon Patoka Pandora}; Blue Spruce Dominik ('98) out of Woodmoro Memories; Blue Spruce Dakota ('98) out of Moro Hill Marta; & Blue Spruce Emerald Jewel out of Moro Hill's Mamosa. All with no progeny on the ground as yet.
The third, Sandgate Jeremiah ('86), a full brother to Centurion. Also no offspring.



1984 to 1999


The other Indigo filly, Sandgate Sarita ('78) produced no foals. The last 3 foals that Royalton Marita produced were by Lippitt Alert (see above) - Sandgate: Royal Alert ('83), & Mary Alert ('86), neither of which produced any offspring; and Miss Alert ('89) who produced Iron Horse Jerico ('97) by Winlock Sir Arthur.

Iron Horse Jericho ~
Photo of Iron Horse Jericho included on next page......


Photo reference URL's thanks to: "The Lippitt Archives"™ & Sherri Albrecht @ Windrise Morgans

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