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Star M Stables was born because of a horse - one horse - a Morgan horse. Discovering the loveliness of this kind, gentle, willing, intelligent, wonderful breed with a heart as big as it's eyes that look straight into your soul to endow you there forever, the Morgan soon became a horse we'd never sway away from. We hope you enjoy your visit here, and come back often. Changes always abound at Star M Stables.

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Kate Lorenzen

Born in Stevens Point, Wi, Kate moved up to the NorthCentral area from her hometown of Hartford Wisconsin in 1986 to continue an education in Lasers/Electromechanics. So enamoured with the beauty of the surrounding Rib Mountain area, she changed her plans to move to Colorado and stayed. Star M's Morgan farm has been a dream she's been developing for several years, out of her strong childhood love for horses, and her adult-born love of the Lippitt Morgan.
Kate is one person you will never see without either something horse-related somewhere on her person, or words of praise & pride for her Morgans.

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Kate has a few favorite links of her own, too. Don't be surprised if a lot of them are 'horsey'!!

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Star M Stables endeavors to make *all* our links our favorite! If you wish to become one of them, just drop us an email.......
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