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More of Gem's lineage - the earlier years

At the bottom of Gem's 4th generation, sire's side.... well as the bottom of Gem's 5th generation, dam's side -
Moro Hill's Adonis

Topping Gem's 5th generation sire & dam's side:

Moro Hill Gay Ethan -- This photo taken in 1972

Gem's sixth generation, at the tops of both his sire & dam's sides
Allen's Major

A brief explanation here -
Gem has many of the same lineages on both his parents topsides.....Sandgate Centurion, his sire; and Blue Spruce Aurora, his dam; were both progeny of two full brothers, Moro Hill's Mandarin, and Moro Hill's Mequon.

In the blaze of another evening sunset.......

wpe7.jpg (7403 bytes)

Gem's great-grandpa on both topsides
Moro Hill's Jeremy

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