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Blue Spruce Emerald Gem


Gem came to us from Gary & Toni Raymond of
Blue Spruce Morgan Farm, Sagola; Michigan.
Blue Spruce can be reached via email at:

The first time I ever saw Gem was on
Blue Spruce Morgan's webpage,
at the young age of just several
months old.............

The Camera-Bug Side of Gem.......

"Camera? Camera? Let me get a little closer.... does it taste good? OK, then I'll just stick my nose all over your lens. Hold still now!!"


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.........

The little guy we love the most - chubbying out & getting his winter 2000/2001 coat.

Gem & his grandpa, Moro Hill's Mequon

The Wisconsin Lippitt Morgan Horse Show.....

bsemeraldgemstand.jpg (19408 bytes)

June 2000
my budding little boy at just
15 months old
1st Place Yearling Stallion In-Hand
2nd Place, Dam with Get
2nd Place, Get with No-Sire

bsemeraldgemfront.jpg (15558 bytes)


Gem's Lineage..........

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"The Sandgate Lineage Story"

Gem's Parents